Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week 16

As a writer, I don't know where my strengths lie. I guess that it is in the ideas that come to me. I am a visual person...It's better for me to picture than it is to think. Imagination? I wonder. I really think that writing this semester has kept me open to what differences there are when I can think about one topic in a different manner than I had before.
My failues...I took a fall this past semester...failing at passing math. It was difficult for me because of nervousness before tests...I thought that it would be different. I went to the ASC and still I had trouble. I studied...I dunno. Anyway, Math is a weak spot for me that I must make a strong point. More English on the way along with the rest of the classes...comes to be 22 credit hours. Busy. Holidays are here and I see that they are close now. Well, I have a lot to do...Merry Christmas.
Week 15

I didn't realize that the couch was bigger than my car...
Poof! went my windshield.

In a dimly lit room staring at a bright screen.
Awake in the morning from my dreams to work.

This is a test to see if my blog is ok.

I sigh as I look up to see my fabric roof top peeling...
Have it ripped apart.
week 15

The tears trickled down her cheek.
I opened my eyes slightly.

I drove a little further.
It was not what I expected.

Race Car driving
Always on time

He has long blond hair.
My hands became achy and dry.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week Fourteen: Risk-This is to make all who read think.

The tears trickled down her cheek. I couldn't find a better place to hide than in myself...away from her fear. When the trees glowed with life, so did I. She felt my tragedy...and left my pain.
Leaves started to fall off high limbs, floating, spiraling downward to the soft green grass. Kids played in the park, laughing and giggling, swings creeking. The sky was blue, piercing my iris. I looked over to the stale wooden bench that had wrought iron bars as arm rests...and thought "Here I am, person with her. Where did I go? What am I?" I opened my eyes slightly to feel my lungs exert my breath. I gazed upon her golden cheek and I brushed it slightly with the rough pad of my thumb. Her eyes were closed and she slept peacefully. I was awake. Now I am awake, with her and for myself.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Week Thirteen Vignette

Searching for the right one was a challenge. I drove to Belfast. I was tired but excited at the same time. I had reached the coast in a couple of hours. In those few hours I felt frustrated with not knowing where he lived. Kasey called him to find out...The radio played softly, setting a comforting mood. It was during the summer, the heat was reaching us with its grip and we both could feel it. I think that is where the fatigue came from. The sun was hot. When the Ocean breeze hit my nostrils I imagined myself in that salty sea water, doggy paddling through the coolness. Daydreaming. I drove a little further. I reached a curvy worn tar road and stopped at a light blue house. It was clean so the initial mood was ok. I saw the for sale sign and pulled the car into the unpaved driveway. I got out of the car. I went over to the bike. It was not what I had expected. Agrivated as I was, I looked over the bike. It was a 1985 Honda 250 SX three wheeler. The add had said that it was in great condition. It was not. It turns out that it was a 16 year old kid's that just wanted to get more money than what the wheeler was worth. I grew angry and told him that I would only give him four hundred dollars for it. I wasn't too rude, just told him what I thought it was worth. He wanted nine in the add. He wouldn't sell it. I said "oh well" and got back into my car.
Disappointed, I drove away.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Week 12


1. Where would you rather be?
A. At a concert
B. At school
C. Race car driving
D. Eating at home with mom and dad

2. What do you like to do the most?
A. Eat
B. Sleep
C. Rock and Roll
D. learn about science

3. What is your favorite food?
A. Pizza
B. Gourmet meals at restuarants
C. Chocolate
D. broccoli

For question 1, if you answered any other than answer A, you need to see a specialist.
For question 2, if you answered C, Rock and Roll, then come on over to my side of the world and jam!
For question 3, if you answered chocolate, I would hate to see your teeth. If you answered Gourmet dinners, you are one expensive person. If you answered broccoli, you must be a science nut. If you answered pizza, your a fast go-getter who is on the run.
Week 12
I am who I am:

Always on time, strict with rules, drive aggressively, spend money, love to have fun, rebuild three and four wheelers for a hobby, love to feel breeze when it passes by, work hard, sleep peacefully, have headaches, am rude, needy for attention, love comfort and love.
Week 12

He has long blond hair, wears wire frame glasses, wears three rings on his hands, wears blue washed jeans all the time, never smokes, never drinks, loves his dog, eats french fries with hot sauce, drinks vinegar, has gapped teeth, sleeps on weekends until noon, plays video games, works on EMCC campus, loves to learn, hangs out with his girlfriend, and dances his life away.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Week 11: Distance, Frame, Alienation

Typing away at the keys on the black keyboard, I sigh as I see that I have a lot of work to do. The hum of the computers is in my makes my head swim. I remember why I came to college. It was in the year of 2004 when I graduated. I was a young fresh pup who didn't do what was out there. I thought I knew everything. I was cocky, arrogant, and, well, unappreciative. Right after high school I went t0 work at a garage. I'd come in at seven in morning, punch in, work untill five, punch out and go back home. What a lovely couple months I had doing that. My hands became achey and dry.

Soon I had lost interest in what I thought I wanted to do. I look back on those days with a sick feeling. After I lost that job I became jobless for a few more monthsd than expected. Eventually I found my way into working with mentally ill patients. That didn't fly over too well. I also took up work on a Christmas Tree farm harvesting, sheering, and bailing Christmas Trees. Manual Labor had gotton to me, but it was through with chewing on me until I worked harvesting potatoes. That is when I worked from dawn to dusk covered in dry dust and dirt. I had to run in front of the tractor, get rocks and big bundles of dead potato plants out of the way, and run back onto the harvester, which was deafening to the ears because of the engine that had to run next to my head.

I went home one night and thought to myself "This has to stop! I have to go to school. I can't live like this just to make end meet." I got an application for admission for EMCC and was accepted. Now that I think back from this computer station, I see that I am glad to be where I am today and very thankful. I'll keep typing away and change my attitude of being bored with a headache...I'm in college!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Theme week Ten: Irony
This past summer I tried to do a redneck stunt and get a couch home on a Friday afternoon...on the roof of my car. It was warm, the sun was out, and I was ready to go with that damn thing. I didn't realize that the couch was bigger than my car...the arms of it touched my windshield and my rear window. I got out my ratchet straps (I had two of them) and went to work. I opened up all my windows and then fed the straps through them and strapped the straps over the couch and back into the car. I tightened the rear one up first. I moved on to the upper portion of the couch with the other strap. I was concerned about the couch sliding around on my car so I tried to strap that down. I achieved it with a small piece of chain since the strap wouldn't reach so I could tighten it up.
I then wrapped rope around the couch and through the windows, tied it and thuoght I would go on my merry way. I looked at my car. Here it was with this gigantic looking couch on the roof. "Wow!", I thought. I had to pull a Dukes of Hazzard move to get into my car...through the window instead of opening the door. I tried to tighten up the fron strap a little more and was done. I got out of the car and looked at the handy work. I was ready to leave, sure that the couch wouldn't fall off the roof.
Then it happened. "Poof!" went my windshield, the arm of the couch sticking into the passenger compartment. The windshield had a hole in it, glass was all over my driver side seat, and I was instantly depressed over my windshield.
I ran over to the car as soon as I knew what was going on and loosened up the strap as soon as I could, relieving pressure from the windshield. I drove home that night with that damned couch on the roof of my car. I thought that putting the couch on the roof of my car would never have broken my windshield, but it did what I least expected.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Theme Week nine: When words mean something beyond direct, obvious, literal

In a dimly lit room staring at a bright screen ; colors of the rainbow merge in my eyes; The steady roar of machines in my ear; the ticking of the clock pounding in my face; few faces surrounding me; I tap at the keys, ; the plain-ness of the walls uncomfortable; next it's to my car, driving the highway; getting home to where I feel her presence around me as I fall to slumber; Awake in the morning from my dreams to work.
This is a test to see if blog is ok.